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Impact Internal Magazine

Impact Changes the Rules of the Game on the Internal Magazine Market

Internal magazines are a means of communication for the company. They:

  • help employees to better understand the company and the industry they work in, and they help staff better know each other which encourages them to act as a team
  • provide detailed information about the services, products and projects of the company
  • communicate the values of the company in a friendly manner
  • are an efficient means of rewarding the employees

The internal magazine should observe both journalistic rules and be perceived as being a real magazine, as opposed to being a brochure or a newsletter. The magazine must also communicate marketing messages to the employees. Re:ply is proud of its work in both of these fields: we’ve made lots of publishing products - newspapers, magazines, customer magazines and tens of internal and external brand communication projects.

Petrom internal magazine project began in the spring of 2007 with a complete internal audit. The new editorial concept we proposed for Petrom’s magazine (called Impact) was based on the needs of Petrom’s employees and Petrom’s Internal Communication Department desire to create an efficient means of communication within the company.

One of the important jobs of the magazine was to provide Petrom’s employees with a vivid and realistic view of the industry they work in, we could then inspire in them the idea that they work for a powerful and successful company.

Importantly, the magazine had to be able to promote the Petrom brand with in the company and communicate its values in a way that everybody could understand.

The magazine is made up of permanent sections:

  • reportage from Petrom production units
  • presenting projects important to the entire company
  • relevant news from local and international industry
  • interviews with legendary Petrom people
  • articles about Petrom’s involvement in environment and community projects
  • interactive pieces made with the direct involvement of Petrom’s employees
  • articles about the history of the oil industry in Romania
  • news about OMV Group

The graphical concept of the magazine focused on creating a recognizable identity, accurately structuring the information, creating a dynamic reading rhythm and a navigation system that helped readers enjoy the publication.

The photos included in the magazine are taken by us in order to make sure that Petrom’s employees are presented realistically – being active, not static, in familiar contexts.

Impact is coordinated by Re:ply’s employee, Cristi Niculescu, an experienced journalist who is very interested in the energy field. His participation in this project is a guarantee of high quality content. In addition, he is a reliable partner in the discussions with all those he meets during the process of making the magazine – specialists, authorities, businessmen.

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