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Metacom Group Management
Identity and trade fair materials

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The Metacom group of companies is an important supplier of construction and repair services for the energy, commercial and industrial market in Romania, and not only. In June 2009, the company asked Re:ply to create several communication materials that were to be displayed, within just a week, in the company fair stand at the AGRO 2009 Kiev trade show.

After we started to understand the client and quickly analyzed its communication needs, in spite of the short time at our disposal, we proposed an instant identity makeover. The new identity was to enforce the ideas that Metacom is a group of trustworthy and dynamic companies which understands and adapts quickly to the current context.

a. The existent logo of Metacom Group Management did not correspond anymore with the development stages of the company. We proposed a simple, versatile, easy-to-use solution, which would reflect a modern and elegant image. The logo is made of a logotype, the name Metacom Group written with upper case letters, while the logomark is a graphical element that refers to the industry. It is made of four “M”s placed in a circle, building together a dynamic, hexagonal element with a fine shade underneath, which reminds of a moving screw nut.
b. The font used is Parisine, which has a simple, masculine design, very appropriate for a group that wants to highlight ideas such as stability, safety and trust. In addition, this character ensures a good legibility on any support.
c. The slogan which we’ve created is Building dynamic businesses, easy to comprehend by the Metacom partners and clients. It’s a slogan that makes the link with the construction field, common to all of the group entities, and sustains the positioning of Metacom as a partner that helps growing their businesses.
d. The color scheme includes simple, sober, and, at the same time, modern colors – grey, red, cyan and yellow – suited for the industry that the group is part of.
In creating the presentation kit and the setting for the fair stand at the AGRO 2009 Kiev, we started from the client’s wish to make itself known and to attract its potential customers from the Ukraine-Russia region, but not only. We wanted to communicate the image of a company that was stable and trustworthy, had a rich experience and used efficient equipment and technologies, thus offering its partners multiple possibilities for developing their businesses. The presentation kit was bilingual (Romanian and Russian) and elaborated in respect with the newly created identity.
The materials to be displayed in the fair stand were thought as such to work as visual magnets for the visitors: corporate roll-up banners and posters, with a technical approach as regards visuals, pointing up the Metacom expertise in the field of cereals transportation and storage solutions.
The folder, describing the group and its relevant services for AGRO 2009, included a company presentation and two other materials: one focused on construction, repair and conversion services for river and maritime barges, and the other on construction of metallic silos for cereal storage.



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