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 100.000 readers defending their rights as buyers!

Shopping Report is the newest product from J’adore Publishing team, a free-of-charge glossy magazine, the only publication in shopping whose strong point consists in an educative and informative content. The magazine approaches shopping from the readers' perspective, not insisting on industry's and producers’ views. It practically helps the shopping aficionados to take the best decisions, explaining what’s behind the brands and the products.
In may 2009, Re:ply took part in creating the editorial concept, based on which it designed the graphical concept of the magazine. The fact that  the magazine approaches shopping in a rational manner is found in the graphic level too, the layout being made so as to deliver a clear and objective information, ensuring an easy-to-use browsing through the pages.
The utility side resides also in the photo imaging: the design of the photographic imagery reveals a particular attention to the details, as the magazine offers a complete analysis to shoppers, presented in detail in descriptions as well as in images.
In the font chapter, our team of designers has chosen Leitura, a multivalent, and well-balanced font as regarding the rational and emotional views. Leitura offers a large set of characters, which allows the alternation of serifs with sans serifs characters (for the rhythm creation), is a functional character (legible in all of its forms), but also entails emotional elements, aspirational ones. These are fit for the magazine as shopping has a dual nature - we do it emotionally, but the final decision is made rationally, balancing the characteristics of the product and its price.
“Out team came up with a design that would present shopping from all angles, but would also help the reader to browse quickly, objectively and focused, through the magazine. „Shopping Report” shows you what, how and why to buy and, as well, educates and informs the buyer with regards to the rights one has and the ways of protecting oneself as consumer”, says Iulian Puiu, Creative Director and Managing Partner at Re:ply.
“Shopping Report” has 172 pages, a local content and it is supplied in five large cities: Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara, Iasi and Constanta, with a total circulation of 100,000 copies (40,000 for Bucharest and 15,000 copies for each of the other four cities).
“Shopping Report” can be found in shopping malls, commercial centers and galleries, normal shops, showrooms, beauty parlors, embellishment/beauty clinics, coffee bars and other carefully-selected locations.

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Award for Holcim annual report
Holcim’s annual report developed by Re:ply at the beginning of 2009, has won the second prize at the 8th edition of the Annual Report Contest organized by The Romanian Donors’ Forum.

Re:ply presents: Behind a magazine
At the third edition of the Night of the Galleries, among the exhibitions prepared at The Ark, Re:ply presented an X-ray of the way a magazine is built up.

Iulian Puiu talks about trends in publishing on
04-06-2009, a business and financial daily news site, invited Iulian Puiu, Creative Director at Re:ply, to write an article for the “Editorial” section.

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