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Holcim and Eco-Rom
Annual reports

The annual report - main corporate communication channel


The annual report is a presentation material summarizing the company’s activity and annual performances which is distributed to the company’s shareholders, clients, main partners and potential investors/clients. The corporate annual report was at first a recapitulative document that summed up and presented the consolidated financial results of the company at the end of the year. Currently, an annual report is no longer perceived as a mere descriptive and informative material, but it plays an active role in consolidating the company’s identity, as well as in communicating and promoting corporate messages. At the beginning of 2009 Re:ply elaborated annual reports for Holcim and Eco-Rom Ambalaje.

Holcim – Global strategies. Local initiatives.
Holcim is one of the world’s leaders in supplying cement, concrete, aggregates (crushed stone, sand and gravel) and other related services. At its fifth consecutive year, the Holcim Sustainable Development Report is the document which best reflects the company’s strategy, which involves the simultaneous application of its three directive lines for sustainable development – economic performance, observance of ecologic norms and take up of social responsibilities. By constantly issuing this report the company’s reputation of transparency and reliability is kept, and Holcim's positive reputation in relation to all stakeholders is maintained. The document includes the company’s strategies and programs dedicated to sustainable development.
Apart from these objectives, Re:ply wanted for the document to also support the company’s philosophy where its graphics is concerned. The message conveyed by the graphic concept is that Holcim is a strong, reliable, responsible company, involved in projects that contribute to changing people’s lives for the better. Holcim supports the building of houses and buildings, and is also involved in building a better future (according to the vision “to provide foundations for society’s future”). From this perspective the entire Holcim activity is strongly connected to the idea of “evolution”, because “building” means “seeing a project through all the stages of its evolution”. In order to illustrate these ideas, we used images showing aspects related to Holcim core business: construction site images, images of construction related devices and equipment, workers wearing uniforms etc. The photographs are cut up and displayed against a white background. Thus attention is drawn towards certain elements, objects, people etc. which are related to the topic of the chapters illustrated by them.
Eco-Rom Ambalaje – Recicle now for a better future
Eco-Rom Ambalaje is the leader on the market of the transfer of responsibility when it comes to capitalizing packaging waste. The company takes over, by contract, the obligations of the economic operators in managing packaging waste recovery and recycling obligations.
The annual report designed by Re:ply is an image of the company’s activity in 2008, an year which marks five years of the company’s success. It emphasizes a constant and definite development process, which turned Eco-Rom Ambalaje into a key player on the market and with regards to reaching the targets for recycling and recovering packaging waste that Romania has committed to in its negotiations with the European Union.
We have started the annual report from one premise: an official document as such “mirrors” a company's activity for the respective year. It is exactly why this communication instrument must briefly and factually present to the shareholders each step that the company has taken, emphasizing on the objectives set by the management and the results achieved. In other words, our intention have been to point out actual figures, data, statistics, pure information, all of which is concentrated in the text, giving up on visual “innovations" which would have come between the reader and the contents of the document.
At visual level we have chosen to present images of recyclable packaging, accompanied by figures and data related to the company and its results in the recycling field. The reason for this presentation method is the following: by recycling we manage to save the natural resources of the Earth. The chosen pictures display dynamism and vivacity. It is a clear reference to the sustained work that Eco-Rom Ambalaje conducts in order to collect and recover packaging waste.

Award for Holcim annual report
Holcim’s annual report developed by Re:ply at the beginning of 2009, has won the second prize at the 8th edition of the Annual Report Contest organized by The Romanian Donors’ Forum.

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