We strive to raise the standard of the communication produced in Romania. Even when it comes
to things apparently not that spectacular: brochures or employee magazines.

Iulian Puiu in „5.000 de semne ale viitorului”, published by Cotidianul

Date: 04-11-2008
Cotidianul newspaper published a book about the future of 50 distinct fields of activity in society, containing texts written by a representative of each discipline.

Diana Capatina in Saptamana financiara

Date: 03-28-2008
In March this year, the business publication Saptamana financiara carried out a survey on the innovative communication media of brands.

Baneasa Shopping City is launching the costumer magazine Styler

Date: 02-25-2008
Re:ply and Baneasa Shopping City are involved in a common project: Styler, the first premium lifestyle & fashion costumer magazine on the local market.

Diana Capatina in Capital Magazine

Date: 11-09-2007
The national market for customer magazines is significantly strengthening.

Award for Holcim annual report
Holcim’s annual report developed by Re:ply at the beginning of 2009, has won the second prize at the 8th edition of the Annual Report Contest organized by The Romanian Donors’ Forum.

Re:ply presents: Behind a magazine
At the third edition of the Night of the Galleries, among the exhibitions prepared at The Ark, Re:ply presented an X-ray of the way a magazine is built up.

Iulian Puiu talks about trends in publishing on bizcity.ro
Bizcity.ro, a business and financial daily news site, invited Iulian Puiu, Creative Director at Re:ply, to write an article for the “Editorial” section.

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