We strive to raise the standard of the communication produced in Romania. Even when it comes
to things apparently not that spectacular: brochures or employee magazines.

Iulian Puiu in „5.000 de semne ale viitorului”, published by Cotidianul


Cotidianul newspaper published a book about the future of 50 distinct fields of activity in society, containing texts written by a representative of each discipline.  The texts are also to be published in Cotidianul newspaper. This project was conceived in order to celebrate the 5,000th issue of the newspaper.

Medicine, genetics, education, cinematography, design, economy or cybernetics are but a few of the disciplines whose futures’ were discussed, from the personal perspectives of those invited to contribute to this collection of “predictions”.

The future of design was the subject on which Iulian Puiu, Creative Director and Art Director of Re:ply, wrote for Cotidianul. Published under the title “Order by design: solutions for a busy world”, the article focused on the information design, as a discipline that is being applied more and more to distinct areas (media, public spaces).

„We gathered the 50 brilliant brains of 50 individuals that are about to influence our future”, began the speech of Doru Buscu, editorial director at Cotidianul, at the book launch, on April 10th, „The 5,000 characters (the title is taken from the length of each article) is the condensed expression of 50 different visions gathered in Cotidianul and in the book we are launching this evening (...). I won’t invite them to the stage, as their place is somewhere else. They are modest, discreet people.”

The article written by Puiu was published by Cotidianul in its issue on May 20th.

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