We strive to raise the standard of the communication produced in Romania. Even when it comes
to things apparently not that spectacular: brochures or employee magazines.

24 hours with Diana Capatina, on strategic.ro


The people at strategic.ro – a communication website containing news, features and interviews – have invited Diana Capatina, Creative Director at Re:ply, to describe, in the "24 hours with..." column, her schedule in a usual day.

Diana talks about her April 9th. "I don't have a diary, nor a blog, so I don't have the habit to remember and write down things that happen during the day. But I'm glad that Alina Tabacu has asked me to scan one of my ordinary days. For me this was also interesting because I remembered Leopold Bloom and the day of June 16th 1904 described by Joyce in "Ulysses". There's a book to read once again..."

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Award for Holcim annual report
Holcim’s annual report developed by Re:ply at the beginning of 2009, has won the second prize at the 8th edition of the Annual Report Contest organized by The Romanian Donors’ Forum.

Re:ply presents: Behind a magazine
At the third edition of the Night of the Galleries, among the exhibitions prepared at The Ark, Re:ply presented an X-ray of the way a magazine is built up.

Iulian Puiu talks about trends in publishing on bizcity.ro
Bizcity.ro, a business and financial daily news site, invited Iulian Puiu, Creative Director at Re:ply, to write an article for the “Editorial” section.

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