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Client: UPC
Project: Internal Magazine 360˚
Time frame: September 2004 – up to the present day

Project Description

360˚ is the internal magazine of UPC Romania. From September 2004 to the end 2006, Re:ply had produced its former internal magazine, Orizonturi. Subsequent to the rebranding of the UPC group in 2007, we adjusted the internal magazine to fit the new brand’s image and values.
In the spring of 2007, we created an editorial and graphical concept for the new internal magazine, now called 360˚, and we have managed each issue ever since. It is a quarterly magazine and it is distributed for free to all employees of UPC Romania.

Client: UPC Romania

UPC Romania is one of the biggest companies on the cable and communication market and offers cable and satellite television services, broadband internet connection and digital land telephony services. UPC Romania networks currently provide services to about 1,250,000 clients in approximately 200 towns. UPC Romania is affiliated to Liberty Global, Inc.

Objectives Set for the Internal Magazine

  • Adjusting the internal magazine to the new brand identity of UPC
  • Communicating the company’s new mission and vision to the employees, as well as explaining the new brand values
  • Presenting the company’s products and services to the departments and key-employees, in a friendly manner that meets the new UPC brand’s rhetorical style
  • Facilitating the circulation of information between management and employees
  • Consolidating a positive perception of the company amongst employees

Development of the Project

Re-conceiving the internal magazine of UPC Romania was part of the greater company re-branding that was initiated in the spring of 2007 throughout the entire group. The fact that we made some of the new UPC communication materials (brochures, internal communication materials) helped us to better understand the new brand and assisted our efforts to come up with suitable concepts for the internal magazine 360˚.

It took 3 months to create the new editorial and graphical concept. We took into consideration the new UPC brand philosophy, its new identity, as well as the results of a study on what the employees wanted from such a magazine.

The name of the magazine, 360˚, was chosen based on the symbol of the circle:

  • The magazine provides information on the life and activities of the company, from a whole variety of perspectives   
  • The circle is a curved line made up of infinity of points that are placed at an equal distance from the center. The publication’s name thus supports the idea of an equality of information within a structure. No matter where the communication begins - it returns to the source after having traveled an entire circle
  • The circle supports the idea that UPC wants to be a company that includes its people and, at the same time, it supports the values of the brand (belongingness, the human touch)

The structure of the magazine allows a balance of technical information related to UPC business, and emotional information that relates to the life of the organization.

At a visual level, we proposed a fresh graphical approach that’s vivid and dynamic and can meet the requirements of the new UPC identity. We designed several graphical elements to simplify the magazine’s navigation, for example the ‘bud’ – a simplified version of an element specified in the brand book. An interesting innovation was the insertions (brief texts applied to the new graphical identity elements) that explained the new UPC identity in a fresh and friendly way that helped employees understand and identify with the values of the company.


  • The questionnaires distributed to the employees indicated that they appreciated the new magazine and that they were delighted to read it
  • 360˚ was welcomed by UPC management and their colleagues in Amsterdam
  • The internal magazine contributed to the new UPC identity, philosophy and brand values being promptly understood.
  • The magazine met the employees’ need to understand the company they worked for. It helped them understand how the company departments and services work, as well as informing them of HR policy and important events.
  • 360˚ contributed to the improvement of internal communication and helped to consolidate team spirit by virtue of the fact that it was distributed to all employees (including those for whom a magazine was the best source of information, i.e. those whose work did not require a personal computer)

Technical Information:

a.    Periodicity: quarterly
b.    Number of pages: 12
c.    Circulation: 2,800 copies/edition
d.    Format: 240x300 mm


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