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Client: Realitatea-Catavencu
Project: Creating the Graphical Concept
Time frame: November – December 2006

Project Description

J’adore is the first free shopping magazine in Romania with advertising and editorial content competing with traditional glossy magazines. It’s a monthly magazine that’s distributed in Cluj and Bucharest with an average circulation of 50,000 copies per edition according to BRAT. When launched (February 2007), J’adore was the sensation of the Romanian publishing market and recorded a spectacular growth in its first year of publication.

Client: Realitatea-Catavencu Group

Realitatea-Catavencu is one of the biggest media groups in Romania comprising 15 printed publications and three TV stations, a radio station, a press agency and an in-store advertising network.

At the end of 2006 the group acquired J’adore, which had been published in Cluj for the previous 3 years, and decided to launch it in Bucharest. The project needed a new graphical concept, a modern and competitive one, and it is required some editorial consultancy. RC group asked Re:ply for assistance as our agency was well known for publishing projects of different kinds, including fashion and glossy magazines (Tabu), many of which belong to the Realitatea-Catavencu Group.

Objectives Set for the Project

  • Create a new graphic concept that would be up to date with current glossy magazine trends and satisfy both goals of the magazine: to provide practical information (product prices, store addresses) and a thorough editorial concept
  • Achieve a clear and efficient structure for the publication
  • Express a structure at a graphical level that would facilitate easy navigation within the magazine
  • Make a high quality publishing product aimed at both the readers and the potential buyers of advertising space

Development of the Project

Re:ply completed this project in a record time: a month and a half. We started with the editorial content, structuring it by sections and steady columns. For the magazine to keep its functionality, it should be easy to read and it should make the information easily accessible to readers. We did not neglect the emotional aspect and allocated large sections of information that needed more creative editing and a longer time to read.

At the graphical level we took into consideration the dual nature of the publication and the need for it to be clearly and reliably structured. We conceived a feminine and easy to remember flag with a strong and vivid color: violet. The apostrophe contained in the logo proved to be of great use and we turned it into a guiding graphical element of the magazine. At the same time, it can be multiplied to form a star, marking the J’adore’s product selections in the publication’s shopping section. The entire layout maintained a feminine and emotional look.

The unique format, pocket glossy, is supposed to find it difficult to present a diverse content. We managed to find a solution for J’adore by balancing the white space and the content of each page. We created a reader - friendly magazine that doesn’t resemble a catalogue that simply sells products.

By using the character family we chose, we intended to express the other aspect of the publication, the rational one. We chose masculine characters, simple and visible, for the titles of the sections and for the body text. The design of the characters was very functional, to enhance the reading experience.

The chromatic range expressed the feminine aspects. We chose a mix of colors that are never old-fashioned, for instance black, red and white. For the fashion section we used cheerful and trendy colors: pink, violet, effervescent green. For the beauty section we used a warm grey suitable for a magazine showing the color of the models’ skin. For the deco and lifestyle section we chose a range of browns, earth colors suitable for both the home and outdoors.


  • From its very first issue, J’adore drew the attention of the public and the entire circulation sold out
  • In its first year of existence, J’adore managed to outdo all the other pocket glossy magazines on the market in terms of advertising sales’ income according to the figures made available by Alfacont

Technical Information:

a.    Periodicity: monthly
b.    Number of pages: minimum 148 to over 200
c.    Average circulation: 50,000 copies / edition (at the ending of 2007 according to BRAT)
d.    Format: pocket glossy


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