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Client: Dacia
Project: Internal Magazine Jurnal de bord
Time frame: May 2006 – March 2008

Project Description

Jurnal de bord was the internal magazine of Dacia Groupe Renault. It was a monthly publication with a circulation of 13,000 copies, distributed to all the company’s employees. With the help of Re:ply the Communication department intended to produce, a reliable publication for the employees that was able to convey the management’s messages in terms of projects and company strategy.

Client: Dacia Groupe Renault

The Automobile Dacia Company was founded in 1966. In only a few decades, Dacia managed to become a national brand and gained large public recognition abroad as well as in Romania. Since 1999, the company has been part of the Renault Group and has become only its second brand. Romania represents at present the sixth market entered into by the Renault Group.

The company was previously managing its own internal newsletter Jurnal de bord, until in 2006, when they appointed Re:ply to run the newsletter.

Objectives Set for the Project

  • Increasing the value of the newspaper in terms of its graphic design while keeping its current editorial concept intact.
  • Improving the production process of the newsletter by creating a template and a more efficient work flow

Objectives Set for the Internal Magazine

  • Keeping the employees up to date on group strategy, achievements and future projects, and also introducing the management team to the staff(top/down communication in the form of interviews with company managers)
  • Promoting Dacia’s values: quality, profitability and progress, with a focus on quality
  • Improving the image of the company among the employees thus increasing their level of loyalty to the brand

Development of the Project

In 2005, the internal newsletter launched by Dacia was unable to communicate efficiently and ended up being a newsletter that no employee read. Re:ply researched in detail the graphic design involved, and also looked at how to address the newsletter’s structure.

Thus, Re:ply identified and analyzed the reasons why the publication could not reach its goals. We proposed to the Dacia Communication Department a set of changes aimed at critically improving not only the design of the publication, but also its content.

Our approach was based on the interests of Dacia’s employees - what they would love to hear about. Then we found the solutions to convey the management’s message in a way that would be most interesting to the employees.

The new graphic design was coherent and focused on a correct hierarchy of information, the clear navigation system and the functional chromatic approach led to a simple, yet fluid and user-friendly layout. We set out the sections with clear headings, and established the rules to be observed when editing the information. The fact that the information was not exclusively traveling from the management to the employees, but also ‘horizontally’ amongst colleagues, meant that the information was really circulating at all levels. This strategy increased the reliability and the interactivity of the newsletter.

One of the desires of our colleagues from Dacia was to create a cover that made a great impact on the reader. So we redesigned the flag, eliminating all the confusing elements of the layout, and chose a fresh and flexible cover. It comprised a large photo or illustration referring to the main article of that issue, and included, at the very bottom of the layout, references to three other articles. The reader could now find out from the very beginning that the newsletter included a wide range of information suitable to them.

The use of illustration as the visual element of the cover came from the initiative of the Dacia employees who wished to make the cover more dynamic and customized. Each such illustration was made based on a concept mutually agreed by us and Dacia staff and they were intended to reflect the content of the main article in an original and funny way.

After Dacia approved the new editorial, graphic concept and workflow, the editorial manager, Re:ply team and Dacia newsletter coordinators organized some training at Mioveni for all those to be involved in this project. The purpose of the meeting was to present the new newsletter, show the main rules for editing the texts and clarifying the production process involved in bringing Jurnalul de bord to the end-reader.

From July 2006 to March 2008, Re:ply assisted the Jurnal de bord newsletter team to make the best publishing decisions from editorial to design, and from production to distribution.


From their internal research, Dacia’s representatives found out that:

  • 90% of the readers considered that the design and the editorial content of the new newsletter were really good
  • the time spent reading the newsletter increased
  • management claim that the newsletter drastically improved the communication of the company’s strategies to the employees while playing an important part in explaining the context the company operates in - the evolution of the local and international car market
  • the employees started to want to be in the newsletter
  • the newsletter made a good impression in France and in other countries wherein the Renault Group operate  
  • the team making Jurnal de bord managed to create a reliable internal communication tool

Technical Information:

a.    Periodicity: monthly (11 issues/year)
b.    Number of pages: 12
c.    Circulation: 13.000 copies/issue
d.    Format: 240 x 328 mm



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